Far out! You have finished the course and now you are ready to get that certificate that shows you are not out of your element. You are now prepared to go forth and help folks get hitched. We’ll be right here when you need us, and thanks for helping make Dudeism the wonderful community it is. Best of luck, man.  

A few words about the test before you begin. The test is 16 questions, you must score a 100% to pass. The questions are not super difficult. We are not certifying wedding planning or floral arrangement here. This is mostly to test your understanding of how Dudeism relates to officiating, and a basic idea of how wedding ceremonies proceed. All the other stuff is to make you feel more confident about your abilities to solemnize weddings. What we are assuring here is that you know enough to do the job, and that as an officiant you will perform your duties ethically.

If you feel you have gotten value from this course, and you are not worried about the rent being due, we would appreciate you “buying us a beer.” 

Fill out the form to receive your printable certificate in an email. Be sure to visit the store once you’ve completed the test to order a much fancier certificate. 

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