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I affirm that I will not officiate any wedding that is illegal or unethical.

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Marriage is a legal contract that binds people together in a family unit.

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A Dudeist priest is not allowed to officiate weddings for people of other religions.

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The wedding officiant typically opens and closes the wedding ceremony.

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There must be a declaration of intent to marry, either with vows of other affirmation, by the couple being wed.

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Dudeism expressly forbids marriage.

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A wedding is generally not valid until all documents are signed.

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I affirm that if I officiate for fees or start a business as a Dudeist priest I will conform to all applicable laws and best practices.

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Dudeist priests may solemnize same sex or gender affirming weddings.

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The three parts of a wedding ceremony are.

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Weddings can be broken down into three parts representing a beginning, a middle and an end.

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The best source for information about the requirements for wedding officiants in a given state or county is?

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All you need is a ordination certificate to officiate a wedding anywhere in the world, no other documents are required.

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This is a wedding involving an underaged 13 year old, should you officiate it?

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Dudeism’s deity is Jeff Bridges.

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Dudeist priests make excellent contemporary wedding officiants because _____

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